Windows & Intune

Power workplace productivity with Microsoft’s most trusted desktop software and enterprise-level controls

Utilized by 73% of desktop computers globally, Microsoft Windows is the world’s most popular desktop operating system — and with every new release, it keeps getting better.1 Windows is built for modern workplace productivity, with mobility and security features that simplify IT management and keep hybrid or remote workers compliant.

Combined with Intune for mobile device and application management, Windows is even more powerful and valuable for organizations. Intune helps manage and protect your devices, allowing administrators to secure, configure, track and remove applications and data from devices remotely, meet changing compliance demands with a broad range of access controls, and more. 

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group can help you get the most out of your Windows-based workplace, whether you need to upgrade, roll out modern device management with Intune and Autopilot, or develop a device as a service strategy.  

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Our Windows & Intune credentials

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Windows & Intune benefits & features

Remote management

Deploy, manage & maintain workforce devices & applications remotely using cloud technology

Advanced analytics

Get a birds-eye view of your device landscape & gain actionable insights to reach your business goals

Maximum ROI

Extract more value with the latest features & upgrades always available on your managed devices 

Flexible licensing

Intune licensing is optimized for a modern workplace, with a per user model vs. per device model

Custom security

Keep data safe on enrolled devices with custom policies configurable by IT administrators

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1Source: Statista