Microsoft Power Platform

Empower citizen developers and drive innovation with low-code, data-driven business solutions and automated processes

Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful application toolset that drives sustainable innovation deep within an organization. With Power Platform, citizen developers can fuel growth and solve business challenges as they arise with custom, low-code solutions, automated processes and data intelligence.

Featuring pre-built templates, a drag-and-drop interface and rapid deployment capabilities, Microsoft Power Platform enables your teams to quickly build the applications and automated workflows they need without relying strictly on IT departments. Hundreds of pre-defined and custom data sources can be linked to uncover new business insights and drive innovation across your enterprise. Power Platform can make use of Azure and custom capabilities that can be extended by developers to encompass proprietary and on-premises systems.

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group has helped countless organizations leverage Microsoft Power Platform to power innovation with safe guardrails in place. We’ll help you inspire innovation and enable your citizen developers without sacrificing security and oversight.

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Our Microsoft Power Platform credentials

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Microsoft Power Platform benefits & features

Build your own apps

Build custom business applications without writing a single line of code

Automate processes

Increase efficiency with cloud-powered task automation

Harness your data

Connect apps to hundreds of data sources for a single source of truth

Inspire innovation

Empower citizen developers to solve business challenges on-the-fly

Minimize IT costs

Minimize IT overhead for new application development & deployment

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