Microsoft Azure

Transform your business with a trusted cloud platform

Microsoft has a deep understanding of what industries need from a hyperscaler, and Microsoft Azure is a product of that knowledge. More than 95% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure to do business.1 It is built from the ground up to fuel continuous innovation, maximize the value of IT investments and enable your business to become future-ready.

Microsoft Azure features hundreds of platform native tools, endless integration capabilities and reliable cloud services to solve business challenges, fuel innovation and build the future of business.

The team of Azure experts at the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group meets you where you are on your cloud journey and helps you get where you want to be with a full suite of Azure solutions and offerings, from migrations to cloud native applications and beyond.

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Our Microsoft Azure credentials

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Microsoft Azure benefits & features

Intelligence at scale

Azure’s advanced technologies are designed to scale as you move to and grow on the cloud

Cost efficient

Azure’s consumption usage model means you only pay for what you need and have the tools to manage budgets

Security & compliance

Azure has many compliance certifications & platform native security tools provide a protected environment

Disaster recovery

In the event of a disaster, advanced disaster recovery abilities can enable you to restore data quickly

Industry focused

Azure offers platform native solutions to solve unique, industry-specific business problems

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The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group offers an extensive portfolio of solutions designed to advance your cloud modernization journey with focus, simplicity and scale. Our solutions are encompassed by GO, an enterprise-ready platform native Digital Operating Model. Click the button below to learn more.