GitHub & Azure DevOps

Increase developer velocity with best-in-class tools and processes

To stay relevant in today’s evolving technology landscape, enterprises must embrace agility and rapid release cadences to deliver more value to customers quickly. The key to maintaining end-to-end software delivery lifecycles is to embrace DevOps and utilize the right tooling for the right scenario.

Microsoft offers best-in-class DevOps tools for every phase of the application lifecycle, from planning and development to delivery and ongoing operations. GitHub, the world’s leading developer platform, seamlessly integrates with Azure, enabling developers to easily create code-to-cloud workflows with a security-first developer experience, plan and track with Azure Boards, break down silos across an organization with innersourcing, operate more securely with open source best practices, and much more.

Knowing that an effective DevOps strategy should include the cloud, and a cloud strategy should always include DevOps, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is here to help you implement the right tools and processes to maximize developer velocity and business value.

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Our GitHub & Azure DevOps credentials

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GitHub & Azure DevOps benefits & features


Breaks down silos

Adopt a collaborative approach, favoring transparency & teamwork

Increases velocity

Enable continuous delivery with cross-functionality between teams & roles

Saves money

Automate workflows & processes for efficiency & cost optimization

Improves quality

Boost quality & customer satisfaction, creating more value quickly

Increases agility

Enable faster deployments, faster recoveries & fewer service interruptions

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