Advisory & Change Management

Break down silos and embrace human-centric processes and tools that enable adoption and maximize successful project outcomes

Navigating and managing organizational change is a complex endeavor that requires careful planning and strategic execution — but you don’t need to do it alone. The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is your trusted partner throughout this crucial transition period. 

Our change management experts will work closely with your organization to understand your business goals and company culture, determine the potential impact of the upcoming change to your organization, and assess business opportunities for value realization. We’ll develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve your organizational goals, along with the training, technology and methodologies to enable a successful evolution of your business and improve employee productivity. 

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group can help your organization navigate change to build a better, stronger future, whether you’re going through major system changes, implementing your digital operating model strategy, or a merger, acquisition, or divestiture activity. 

Get in touch today to future-ready your business with focus, simplicity and scale. 

Our Advisory & Change Management credentials

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Advisory & Change Management benefits & features



Improve communication

Utilize best practices for change communications to inform and align resources 

Accelerate adoption

Help your workforce navigate the journey, feel supported and understand the need for change 

Maximize innovation

Gain a strategic view and plot the best path forward to maximize innovation and business value

Reduce risk

Minimize the risk of change failure and collaboration roadblocks throughout the transition

Control costs

Gain a better understanding of the cost of change to optimize budgeting for success

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