Intelligent Workplace

Enable increased productivity, communication, collaboration and mobility while remaining safe, secure and compliant — across the office and around the globe.

Enable your employees to achieve more — anytime, anywhere

Intelligent Workplace provides a complete solution for enhancing productivity, communication, collaboration and mobility without sacrificing security and compliance — whether working across the office or around the globe.   

Employees throughout your organization expect flexibility in when, where and how they work. They require greater levels of collaboration and rich data insights to help them make key decisions and drive your business forward. This is true for everyone from executives to frontline workers and back-office teams. 

Traditional environments based on in-person collaboration and fixed devices no longer meet workplace demands, and legacy management tools and processes leave your business vulnerable. To retain top talent and keep your data safe, you need an Intelligent Workplace.

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s Intelligent Workplace solution provides your employees with the right tools to achieve their full potential while helping you keep identities, productivity tools, data platforms and devices safe and secure. 

Explore our Intelligent Workplace offerings below and get in touch to make your workplace vision a reality — with focus, simplicity and scale.

Intelligent Workplace Offerings

Enable increased productivity, communicationcollaboration and mobility while remaining safe, secure and compliant  across the office and around the globe. 

Citizen Developer Enablement & Governance

Empower citizen developers to create platform native applications and automated processes without programming knowledge, utilizing drag-and-drop functionality and modular integrations. We’ll help ensure your development projects are secure, appropriately governed and built on a foundation of best practices.

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Device as a Service

Reduce overhead and simplify your device management model with a streamlined solution for procuring, deploying, securing, maintaining and retiring hardware — all for a predictable monthly fee per device. You’ll retain full control over hardware specifications while improving the end-user experience.

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Enabling Collaborative Teams

We act as your trusted workplace partner, ensuring your employees have the right tools, skills and mindset for effective collaboration. Our Microsoft Cloud experts are there every step of the way — from assessment to planning, building, deployment, adoption and management services for the entire Microsoft 365 productivity suite.

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Enhanced Productivity with Process Automation

Optimize business processes, eliminate bottlenecks, increase team productivity and improve partner and customer experiences with intelligent automation. Our automation experts help transform your business with platform native technology, including Microsoft Power Platform and AI-based process solutions.

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Secure Modern Workplace

Protect your apps, data and more from persistent threats with cloud native, end-to-end solutions for safeguarding your modern workplace. Our Microsoft security experts utilize a Zero Trust security model to protect workplace systems and remote workers no matter when or where they work.

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Work Anywhere Securely

Prepare your business for the future of work with our comprehensive toolset designed to fuel collaboration, accelerate productivity gains and deliver an exceptional and secure employee experience to a distributed workforce, utilizing the Microsoft 365 modern workplace platform.

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Workplace Analytics

Build an improved and healthier workplace experience with the power of AI and evidence-based methodologies. Gain unparalleled insights for boosting productivity, collaboration and communication across your organization, without sacrificing individual privacy.

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Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group empowers people through technology to achieve more. We turn digital potential into real business performance at speed, with end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions and managed services.