Intelligent Experience & Operations

Create rewarding digital experiences and achieve operational excellence

Intelligent Experience and Operations enables you to provide memorable experiences for your employees, customers and partners at every touchpoint, leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies, effective business processes and operational best practices to achieve dramatic results.    

Human-centered experiences and intelligent business processes are key to driving impactful and sustainable innovation. Intelligent Experience and Operations from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is designed to help you create exceptional, meaningful and highly engaging interactions that put people first.

We take a holistic approach considering your people, processes and technology to maximize impact, improve business outcomes and help you achieve operational and financial excellence.

Explore our Intelligent Experience and Operations offerings below and get in touch to elevate your business — with focus, simplicity and scale.

Intelligent Experience & Operations Offerings

Embrace human-centered design, innovative technologies and modern business processes to engineer meaningful experiences for employees, customers and partners.

Employee Experience

Enhance employee retention, recruitment, innovation and productivity with exceptional employee experiences that give your business a competitive advantage and make great work possible.

Customer Experience

Boost acquisition, sales and retention by leveraging emerging technology and experiential design to improve the buyer’s journey and put customers at the heart of your business.

Partner Experience

Redesign the partner experience to capture more market value. Strengthen partnerships, increase engagement, elevate delivery quality and fuel channel sales with Microsoft Cloud technology and proven strategies.

Business Process Reengineering

Radically rethink and redesign your processes to create a future-ready business. Achieve dramatic improvements in performance, cost optimization, quality, delivery speed, services and more.

Smart Spaces

Create technology-enabled experiences that are timely and relevant utilizing smart devices — including smart signage, touchless access systems, environmental management systems and more to improve real world interactions. 

Operational Excellence

Empower your business with a common vision and a culture of continuous improvement utilizing data, automation and intelligence. Increase productivity, improve output quality and achieve financial excellence.

Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group empowers people through technology to achieve more. We turn digital potential into real business performance at speed, with end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions and managed services.