Intelligent Cloud

Empower your organization with a next-generation cloud operating model to increase velocity and control. Migrate, modernize and deploy with cloud native agility.

Migrate, modernize and deploy with cloud native agility

Intelligent Cloud equips your business with a secure, modern cloud environment that serves as a powerful foundation for innovation. We’ve reimagined the journey to a cloud native state, helping you work more efficiently while transforming your IT operations.  

Intelligent Cloud is powered by our exclusive 10vū™ transformation platform and Drivetrain™ orchestration and deployment engine, giving you the ability to assess, deploy, govern and operate your cloud environment more efficiently than ever before. 

Create unparalleled agility and position your business for success with the help of our Microsoft Cloud experts. The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group utilizes a trusted blueprint to modernize and deploy your infrastructure, platforms,  applications and data workloads. From security and compliance to application modernization, enterprise integration and beyond — our solutions are built with platform native functionality, removing the need to rely on incompatible, third-party products. 

Explore our Intelligent Cloud offerings below and get in touch to make your cloud native vision a reality — with focus, simplicity and scale.

Intelligent Cloud Offerings

Empower your organization with a next-generation cloud operating model. Migrate, modernize and deploy with cloud native agility.

Accelerate with DevOps

Embrace the power of DevOps to achieve your full potential in the cloud. We’ll unite your people, processes and technology to help you build enterprise agility, increase developer velocity and deliver innovative new products and modern digital experiences with greater confidence, control and reliability.

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Azure Modernization Factory

Accelerate digital transformation and evolve your business in the cloud with platform native agility. We’ll put our advanced skillset to work helping you assess, migrate or modernize, and manage your infrastructure, applications and data in Azure with a proven methodology, trusted blueprints and revolutionary toolset.

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Azure SAP Accelerate

Transform your on-premises SAP applications into modern enterprise solutions with platform native functionality. Azure SAP Accelerate offers a consumption-based model and empowers your SAP environment with cloud-enabled agility, so you can innovate, scale rapidly, and build a future-ready enterprise.

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Cloud Native Application Development

Bring your enterprise application ideas to life with cloud native agility on Azure. Our team of Microsoft certified experts will equip you with cloud applications built for reliability, performance, security and scale utilizing our elite Azure skillset and proven development methodologies.

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Data Platform Modernization with Intelligent Analytics

Securely unlock the power of your data with a modern data platform and advanced analytics. Leveraging artificial intelligence and a data-first approach, we’ll help you gain key insights to empower real-time, mission-critical business decisions, drive efficiencies and improve experiences so you can thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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Intelligent Business Applications

Optimize your business applications to break down siloes and extend capabilities utilizing Microsoft technologies and a human-centric approach. Empower your teams to operate more efficiently and deliver exceptional services and personalized experiences at every touchpoint.

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Intelligent Edge

Unleash the power of IoT devices and take your business to new heights. By combining intelligent edge technology with a powerful Azure cloud backbone, you’ll gain the ability to aggregate device data, utilize platform native artificial intelligence and security tools, and drive innovation forward.

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Secure & Compliant Cloud Platform

Establish a secure and compliant home in the cloud for your mission-critical apps, data and infrastructure utilizing Microsoft best practices and our Azure expertise. We act as your knowledgeable guide to help deploy, manage, secure and maintain compliance of existing and new Azure environments.

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Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group empowers people through technology to achieve more. We turn digital potential into real business performance at speed, with end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions and managed services.