Smart Spaces

Merge the digital and the physical world to create new experiences

A new era of seamless experiences enabled by smart devices is here, and the organizations who are the first to provide those experiences can make the biggest impact. Smart Spaces from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is designed to enable timely and relevant interactions utilizing smart devices like smart signage, touchless access systems, environmental management systems and more.

These capabilities can’t be deployed successfully without having the requisite technology in place. Smart Spaces helps organizations build a foundation of cloud technology and incorporate IoT, analytics, real-time data interpretation and AI/ML. Once these are in place, we provide the guidance and framework to create real-world interactions that merge the digital and physical world.

Your teams will be empowered to create inspiring and personalized interactions for customers and employees. We’ll help you explore the possibilities of merging the physical and the digital with the right cloud strategy, data aggregation and platform-native Microsoft Cloud technologies.

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