Secure Modern Workplace

Reduce risk & protect your workplace from threats

Technology has rapidly evolved the workplace, enabling teams to collaborate, connect and be more productive than ever before, no matter when or where they work. The modern workplace environment offers game-changing benefits, but security concerns like phishing attacks, social engineering, ransomware, malware and hacking are persistent threats.

Secure Modern Workplace from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group provides a Microsoft Cloud platform native, end-to-end solution for safeguarding your workplace systems leveraging Microsoft expertise and a Zero Trust security model. Our approach builds on traditional security principles with layers of additional controls to continually verify users, resources, devices and applications, assigning the lowest access level required for given roles and responsibilities.

With the help of our security experts, your team will gain an understanding of how platform native tooling can support your security requirements, along with insight to protect your apps, data and more.

Following the implementation of our security platform, you can continue leveraging our Managed Security Services to protect, detect, investigate and respond to alerts around the clock — providing ongoing protection for your users and data.

Get in touch today to schedule a security consultation and learn how we can help protect your modern workplace with focus, simplicity and scale.

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