Partner Experience

Capture more market value by redesigning the partner experience

Partner relationships are just as important as customer relationships. Partner Experience from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group helps collaboration flourish by driving engagement, improving delivery quality and fueling channel sales. By leveraging similar cloud-based tools to those you use to manage your customers, your organization can form and foster partnerships that meaningfully drive business forward.

Creating a modern partner experience requires a cloud strategy that makes partner organizations want to be a part of your business. Partner Experience leverages Microsoft Cloud technologies like CRM systems and low-code/no-code apps to create a seamless and engaging way to connect, interact and expand business – whether with sales, service, or go-to-market partners.

Your teams will be empowered with the platform-native Microsoft Cloud tools, applications and processes they need to create compelling partner experiences, convey the right messaging, provide the right resources and help both ends of the equation thrive.

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