Intelligent Edge

Create new experiences, gain fresh insights & drive innovation

In an increasingly connected world of IoT devices, more data is being generated and processed at the edge than ever before. For organizations, edge technology and distributed computing is now an essential source of intelligence, offering unparalleled insights that drive key business decisions, meaningful innovation and unforgettable experiences. Intelligent Edge from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group helps take your business to new heights by combining IoT edge technology with the power of the Microsoft Cloud.  

IoT has revolutionized how we live and work, but edge devices are generally isolated. Intelligent Edge unleashes the potential of internet-connected hardware devices, placing computing resources closer to data sources and operations. The result is more efficient computation and data analysis, enabling new opportunities for the edge to take actions on its own through artificial intelligence, machine learning and platform native automation connected to the cloud. 

By connecting your new or existing IoT devices to a powerful Azure cloud backbone, you’ll gain the ability to aggregate device data, utilize platform native Artificial Intelligence and security tools, and drive innovation forward. The possibilities are limitless when you integrate the intelligent edge into your enterprise architecture — automate and refine physical business processes, create exciting new experiences and completely transform the way you interact with IoT data.  

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Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

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