Enterprise Business Process Automation & Integration Services

Integrate & automate to streamline business processes

Optimize operations and fuel innovation with integrated systems powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and the Microsoft Cloud. Enterprise Business Process Automation and Integration Services from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group solve the complex problem of how to best modernize and digitize your processes and integrate business-critical applications, services and datasets to build a future-ready organization.

By leveraging AI and machine learning alongside seamlessly connected systems, you’ll gain the ability to operate more efficiently, build differentiated services and deliver personalized digital experiences to customers and partners.

Utilizing Microsoft’s industry-leading Enterprise Integration Platform and cloud native technologies, the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group provides a complete solution for integrating your core systems, data and applications — whether your platforms are SaaS, on-premises or in the cloud.

Targeting your unique business needs, our machine learning experts will enable intelligent automation to help streamline processes and enable 24×7 operations without human intervention.

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Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group empowers people through technology to achieve more. We turn digital potential into real business performance at speed, with end-to-end Microsoft Cloud solutions and managed services.