Device as a Service

Reduce overhead & simplify device management

Your workforce relies on end-user devices to do their jobs, but a significant amount of time and money is wasted each year to procure, deploy, secure, maintain and retire those devices in a traditional IT environment.

Device as a Service (DaaS) from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group reduces the costs and complexities associated with the entire hardware lifecycle. We’ve combined hardware leasing, warranty support, asset lifestyle management and ongoing device support for a streamlined, cost-effective experience.

With Device as a Service, your IT team retains full control over hardware specifications and update requests while your workforce enjoys an improved hardware experience. Devices are available in a standardized request catalog where you can allow end-users to choose, or automatically assign devices based on roles.

Your workforce gains access to the hardware they need to succeed, and you keep costs down with a highly efficient management process — all for a predictable monthly fee per device.

Get in touch today to optimize your hardware management model with focus, simplicity and scale.

Transform your business with focus, simplicity & scale

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