Citizen Developer Enablement & Governance

Build sustainable, low-code or no-code business applications

It’s no secret that software developers are in demand. In fact, Forrester expects a deficit of 500,000 developers in the next 3 years alone.1 How can you keep up with the demand for new business applications despite this shortage? Nurture citizen developers within your organization and utilize our experts to provide the guidance and governance to avoid application sprawl and shadow IT pitfalls.

Traditional development methodologies silo developer and business skillsets into distinct roles. Business analysts bridge the divide and build modular requirements that can be developed. With the introduction of low-code or no-code development platforms like Microsoft’s Power Platform, applications and intelligent automated processes can be created by business process owners with minimal help and no programming knowledge.

Utilizing drag-and-drop functionality and ready-to-use modular integrations, workflows and widgets, citizen developers can create platform native business applications visually. The key to success is ensuring that a proper governance and support ecosystem is in place to effectively secure the applications, support business process owners, and build and manage important low-code applications.

Citizen Development Enablement and Governance from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group empowers citizen developers with a Citizen Developer Center of Excellence (CoE) founded on professional expertise and best practices. We’ll help you establish a CoE to set standards, enable knowledge sharing, and provide support for low-code or no-code application development processes and ongoing application lifecycle management activities.

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