Business Continuity, Resilience & Security

Expect the unexpected and plan for the possible

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, business continuity plans were put to the test. Only 12% of organizations felt highly prepared for the impact, and just 2% felt their businesses could continue as usual.1 In a post-COVID world, it’s no longer about if businesses want to shift to the cloud, it’s about how fast they can securely get there, and how quickly they can align processes to inbuild resiliency every step of the way.

Beyond the pandemic, businesses face threats every day — from security breaches to infrastructure failures and any number of availability issues that can impact their bottom line. The key to thriving in this environment is to plan for the unexpected, and ensure your business has the agility to continuously improve and test those plans.

Business Continuity, Resilience and Security from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is designed to build resilience into your applications, infrastructure, processes and teams with platform native Microsoft Cloud technologies, including automation tooling, systematic monitoring and event correlation. We work to establish a routine of testing your security and continuity plans to ensure they can be rapidly and precisely executed when needed to mitigate costly business impact.

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