Accelerate with DevOps

Fuel innovation & resilience with continuous development

Achieving your full potential as a digital enterprise requires more than lifting and shifting workloads to the cloud. True success arrives at the intersection of people, processes and technology. The Microsoft Cloud is your foundation for innovation, and your people and processes are the keys to unlocking its benefits.

Accelerate with DevOps from the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group is designed to unite your people, processes and technology, allowing you to create continuous customer value. Throughout this engagement, you’ll build enterprise agility, increase developer velocity and gain the ability to deliver innovative new products and modern digital experiences with greater confidence, control and reliability.

Our DevOps experts will empower your development teams with the latest practices and technologies, including powerful automation and platform native tools, plus the innovation-focused mindset of elite DevOps teams. You’ll benefit from increased productivity, collaboration and efficiency, allowing you to innovate rapidly, reduce production lifecycles and thrive in an evolving marketplace.

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