Mercer MacKay

The challenge

Mercer-MacKay Digital Storytelling (MMS) is a marketing organization dedicated to the enterprise technology industry. The company hoped to transform from a more traditional professional services model to a technology-enabled model by creating an automated, self-service software solution. This platform would enable a larger number of customers to tell their stories and rapidly create compelling marketing assets.

However, the organization had limited budget and technical expertise to make the first of several planned software modules a reality. Curious about the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, MMS reached out to the Cognizant Microsoft Business Group to help find a cost-efficient solution that could realize this vision in just eight weeks, minimizing the length and cost of the build phase.

Our approach

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group replaced their incumbent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing, which served as the foundation for their new, Azure-based marketing platform. Microsoft Power Platform was used to automate processes, while machine learning solutions analyzed raw datasets from a data lake. Manual data analysis was evolved and accelerated to enable a standardized level of automation. This system yielded correlations that helped Mercer-MacKay’s creative teams and their clients uncover insights to form compelling messaging around their offerings and compose powerful award submissions.

Our experts leveraged Dynamics 365 to customize the user interface for Mercer-MacKay’s platform for optimal viewing and interactive experiences. Azure facilitates almost immediate data synchronization into Dynamics 365, enabling rapid implementation across large data volumes. The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group’s Data Platform Modernization framework helped the organization transform its multiple data platform services rapidly and cost effectively into a unified system powered by the Microsoft Cloud and AI.


Building upon a foundation of Microsoft solutions

Mercer-MacKay now has the scalability to expand beyond a professional services model. Team members and customers can now collaborate online and access all relevant information and resources for their marketing projects. The MMS marketing team can now accurately measure email campaign engagement.

The customer wins include a recent five-figure contract for video services. In the first nine months of going live, storytelling and writing services grew by six figures across 300 new customers. Dynamics 365’s outbound marketing processes boosted traffic and engagement by more than 250%.

100+ new clients

registered on the portal

$200,000 opportunities

closed for MMS award writing services


in opportunities closed in other marketing services for clients who found MMS through the portal