Cognizant and Microsoft partnering to help companies record, report, and take action on their sustainability goals.

Sustainability services and solutions – strategy to action

Cognizant is fully committed to making the world more sustainable. We have our own corporate sustainability net-zero goal by 2030, plus a portfolio of sustainability services available in market to help our clients digitally transform their operations to meet their ESG goals.

As a result, our partnership with Microsoft stems not only from our shared corporate values around a sustainable future, but also from our shared drive to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals through digital transformation.

Earlier this year, Cognizant and Microsoft collaborated to co-host a thought leadership webinar on helping companies go beyond ESG reporting and into operational transformation to meet sustainability goals. The OnDemand webcast, Sustainability Transformation Beyond ESG Reporting, shares how companies can use ESG reporting initiatives to transform into sustainable operations.

We believe technology can help businesses make informed decisions about ESG and lead the transition to low carbon and more inclusive economy which has impact on the environment.

Pacific Islander businesswoman ascending escalator in forest
Pacific Islander businesswoman ascending escalator in forest

Sustainability Offerings

Cognizant and Microsoft have partnered on Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability (MCfS) to develop industry-leading sustainability solutions. Our focus offerings include:

  • 1Sustainability Solution – Sustainability accelerator to capture, report and action on ESG goals
  • Net-zero pathways around carbon and water
  • ESG data and reporting
  • Sustainable IT
  • Sustainable manufacturing and operations
  • Green building and energy management
  • Circular economy & new product development.

Cognizant will continue to collaborate with Microsoft and create the most impactful and intelligent digital solutions to drive our joint client’s business relevancy forward—intuitively and sustainably at scale. Solutions currently available on Azure Marketplace include: 

Cognizant Sustainable IT Solution

Helping IT departments reduce carbon emissions footprint without comprising growth in technology innovation.

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Cognizant ESG Reporting Services

Helping companies identify the most suitable strategy and approaches to verify ESG compliance and reporting KPIs.

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Connected Factory by APEx

Accelerate delivery of industry 4.0 applications to help manufacturers digitally transform their operations and meet sustainability goals.

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Accelerated delivery of smart spaces solutions to reduce energy consumption, increase comfort, and optimize for occupancy.

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Thought Leadership

Five Ways To Leverage Green IT And Get To Net Zero

IT organizations should lead by example, proving to the broader business that its carbon footprint can be dramatically reduced. We’re helping global companies do just that, says Durgesh Patel, a director within Cognizant’s IoT, Engineering and Sustainability Practice.

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How Businesses Can Address The Water Scarcity Crisis

In addition to meeting net zero goals, organizations also need to lower their water footprint to reduce disruption risk and ensure accessible clean water for all, notes Dr. Marilia Pupo, a Sustainability Solutions Manager at Cognizant.

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Moving beyond carbon tunnel vision with a sustainability data strategy

To get past a carbon-only approach, businesses need a data strategy that helps them manage information on a range of environmental and social impacts.

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A Culture Shift To Measurable Sustainability

Europe’s business leaders are taking the lead in inspiring their organizations to embrace modern thinking and measurements for combating further erosion of the environment, our research reveals — but there is more work to do. Our advice: Embrace return on sustainability metrics to counter failed old-world approaches.

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Digital innovation for a sustainable future

As a global consulting company, we think that the technology industry should be considered as an ecosystem, where we share innovation that contributes to protecting what is best for our planet. Within boundaries that still generate profitability; we need to take a step back, to look at things from what is best for society.

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Climate solutions run through business

Every company – every individual – has been or will be impacted by climate change. But there are solutions, and it’s not too late

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How to be both digital and green at the same time

Digital pollution poses an alarming environmental threat. Here’s how to use technology to achieve both business and sustainability goals, according to the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work.

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Green Rush: The Economic Imperative for Sustainability

Green business is good business, according to our recent research, whether for companies monetizing the emerging suite of tech tools used for sustainability or for those that see these initiatives impacting business goals.

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