The Microsoft Rapid Screening Solution: Supporting a Safe Return to the Workplace for Canadian Organizations


Partnering with Microsoft and CDL Rapid Screening Consortium to Deliver the Microsoft Rapid Screening Solution

This comprehensive solution, built on the Microsoft Power Platform, enables Canadian businesses to perform rapid COVID-19 screenings on-site or at home before employees enter the workplace. In conjunction with vaccinations, businesses can help to stop the spread of COVID-19 by implementing the Microsoft Rapid Screening Solution.

In addition to employees returning to the workplace, there are many organizations with frontline employees that have continued to work on-site during the pandemic. Previously, proof of vaccination may have been enough, but now companies need to evolve their approach to help mitigate outbreaks and avoid closures since the newest variant may also impact vaccinated employees.

Organizations can now ensure that employees who receive a preliminary positive result can isolate immediately, not come on-site and help prevent a spread in the workplace. This Rapid Screening Solution will help businesses to safely operate and return employees to the workplace as well as reignite the Canadian economy.

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Why Should Businesses Implement the Microsoft Canada Rapid Screening Solution?

Protect Employees

To provide an extra layer of protection for your employees against COVID-19 exposure.

Reignite the Economy

Rapid antigen testing to safely reopen the workplace and reignite the Canadian economy.

Help Mitigate Outbreaks

To reduce the likelihood of a shut down due to an outbreak while returning to the workplace.

Go Live Quickly

Pre-built solution based on Microsoft for quick deployment

Intuitive Employee Experience

Simple, seamless experience for employees, whether on-site or remote testing

Security & Data Ownership

Retention of your employee PII data is secured with your Microsoft tenant


Built for Scale

This solution works whether you are reopening one office or thousands of them

Partner Ecosystem

Leverage a trained Partner Community or Microsoft Engineers for technical support if needed

Who would benefit the most from this solution?

Exec Leaders + Task Force

“I want to have visibility across the reopening scenario, so I can make prompt decisions in response to the pandemic.”


On-Site: “I want to schedule my next rapid screening at the office location I plan to visit. I also want to feel safe and be able to see my test results.”

Facility Managers

“I must be able to view booking and screening details as well as configure our operating hours.”

HR, Health & Safety Officers

“I must be able to validate an employee’s time slot and enter their results as we move through the process.”

Schedule a Demo Today!

Arrange a demo with our experts to learn more about the Microsoft Rapid Screening Solution and how it can help your employees return safely to work with confidence!

Additional Return to Workplace Resources

Microsoft Return to Workplace Article  

To help Canadians return safely to work, Microsoft and CDL Rapid Screening Consortium have introduced a new offering that enables employers to offer rapid COVID-19 antigen screens for employees before they enter the workspace, now including the option to screen from home. With results in just 15 minutes, rapid screens help reduce the risks of a shared work environment and offer a cost-effective system to help drive economic recovery as governments across the country lift lockdowns. Ready full article here.

Government of Canada 

The solution is promoted by the Government of Canada to increase rapid test availability as a screening tool for Canadian workers and to help Canadian organizations better protect their employees and customers. They want to provide another tool to reduce community transmission and keep the economy running.

Media Coverage

This initiative has been widely shared and recognized by Canadian and American media outlets. If you’re interested, check out this CBC article for more information.

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