Four reasons why you should migrate to Microsoft Azure now


Microsoft Azure is the best cloud destination for your organization’s servers, applications and databases. Azure offers a comprehensive mix of platform native technology, best practice guidance, programs, offers and tools to migrate your entire datacenter to the cloud. You can migrate with complete confidence and optimize costs with Microsoft’s on-demand global infrastructure, featuring the most geographical regions of any cloud vendor.

With Azure, you can rest assured that you are running your Windows and SQL workloads at the lowest total cost of ownership versus competitors. You can migrate your proprietary or open-source databases, modernize your applications and optimize your costs in the process.

In addition to delivering a competitive total cost of ownership (TCO), you can secure workloads in Azure with industry-leading intelligence and built-in security controls. Your business will no longer be a hostage to the capacity of your data center, and applications can be scaled to meet the business demands of tomorrow without having to worry about infrastructure management.

Microsoft Azure is investing in numerous areas to help set you up for long term resilience. Let’s take a deeper dive and explore four reasons why your company should consider migrating to Microsoft Azure.

Reason #1: Optimize costs and migrate with confidence

Save money and realize operational efficiencies with hybrid offers on Windows Server and SQL Server, comprehensive datacenter migration programs, and optimized infrastructure. Whether you are migrating Microsoft workloads like Windows Server or SQL Server, or Linux or open-source databases, you can leverage curated guidance and best practices to migrate with confidence.

• Lower migration costs and risk with best practice guidance & resources

• Gain substantial savings on WS & SQL, AWS is 5x more expensive.

• Stay optimized with free migration and cost management tools & offers

Reason #2: Unmatched security, built-in resiliency

Take advantage of multi-layered hybrid security in Azure. Rely on a cloud that is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the platforms, hardware and firmware components, and added protections against threats such as DDoS.

• 3,500 security experts, $1B/year investment

• Ensure maximum resiliency with built-in HA/DR

• Secure your organization from threats with cloud-native SIEM that can be accessed from anywhere

• Protect your cloud workloads with context from >8T threat signals processed per day

Reason #3: On-demand scale and operations efficiencies

Use the cloud to scale your web applications and meet the business demands of today and tomorrow. Leave the operational work to us so you can stay focused on what matters. Future proof your business with on-demand scale, always up-to-date databases and innovative managed services that are always on.

• More datacenter regions than any other cloud provider—Microsoft has 58 geographical regions.

• Flexible, best-in-class infrastructure for any workload

• Use built-in autoscaling for your websites to seamlessly fulfill customer demand

• Drive operational efficiencies with a fully managed web and database platform

Reason #4: Hybrid flexibility and efficiency

• Extend Azure management to any infrastructure for efficiencies

• Reuse your on-premises investments in the cloud

• Efficiently manage Windows Server wherever it resides

• Maximum SQL compatibility and ops consistency

If you are considering migrating to the cloud and are concerned with how your employees may adapt to this steep learning curve with new technologies, we can support you with an Azure Foundations assessment in partnership with Microsoft.

Learn more by registering for our free Infrastructure Workshop on November 3, 2021 or click here to get in touch and begin migrating your workloads today. Also, be sure to check out our Azure Modernization Factory designed to help you migrate and modernize on your journey to the cloud.

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