Top 4 ways Microsoft is inspiring digital transformation in FY22


Each year in July, Microsoft partners from around the world gather for Inspire, an annual partner conference during which Microsoft announces their latest technologies, tools and solutions to help organizations innovate and succeed.

This year, Microsoft Inspire was hosted virtually on July 14-15, and as a Microsoft Gold Partner we were recognized as a finalist for two 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards: Global SI Partner of the Year and Power BI Partner of the Year. This is a testament to our ongoing relationship with Microsoft and the work our newly formed Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (MBG) is doing to help clients modernize their business with focus, simplicity and scale.

Here are four ways Microsoft is inspiring the Cognizant MBG to better serve our clients:

  1. Teams Now Includes Dynamics 365 Access

Microsoft is the only cloud that offers the ability to collaborate between Teams, Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and your own applications. The new features make it easier for organizations to securely access and search for Dynamics 365 records within Teams and to meet, chat and collaborate within Dynamics 365. Every Teams member in your organization will receive read-only access to Dynamics 365 data, allowing them to do their job better.

Now Microsoft is bringing together everything people and businesses want and need to do their jobs with new integration between Dynamics 365 and Teams.

  1. Windows 365 Goes Mobile & Cross-Platform

Windows was only available on Windows devices, until now. Microsoft is excited to share that Windows will be made available on any device harnessing the power of the cloud with Windows 365. In just a few clicks, you can set up your cloud PC and stream the full Windows experience to your personal or corporate device anytime, anywhere.

With Windows 365, the state of your cloud PC remains the same even when you switch devices so you can pick up right where you left off. No matter your organization’s size, Windows 365 gives organizations the flexibility and security to empower workforces to be more productive and connected anywhere in the world. Windows 365 launches August 2, and we look forward to helping business take full advantage of all that it will offer.

  1. Data Sovereignty is a Hot Topic

According to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, data is being generated faster than we can understand it, and the data created over the next three years will be more than the data that was created in the last 30 years.

The Microsoft Cloud is the only cloud that allows organizations to build sovereignty over their data and customer relationships. “Every organization has the opportunity to ensure its data is being used for its benefit,” said Nadella, and with the new features in Azure Synapse this is possible.   

The new features help combine data integration, data warehousing and big data analytics.

  • With Synapse Link your organization can integrate their operational data stores on a real-time basis
  • Azure Machine Learning allows organizations to build advanced AI models to forecast trends and outcomes

Every business will need to reimagine the entirety of its customer experience, requiring a 360-degree view of customers and the ability to turn insights into action. Cognizant MBG’s Data Modernization offering with Intelligent Analytics is here to help organizations embrace new Microsoft technologies and drive business forward.

  1. Microsoft Deepens Industry Commitment

Microsoft continues to emphasize the importance of solving industry-specific problems for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and nonprofits. We’re incredibly excited to put the power of these targeted toolsets to work helping our clients. In fact, we’re already well on our way to an industry-focused future at Cognizant MBG. As an example, we recently partnered with Sensyne Health to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Sensyne wanted to help people track their symptoms to better gauge their COVID-19 risk while also expediting the decision-making process by sharing required information with doctors in critical situations. In just 16 days, Cognizant and Sensyne developed an app that allows people to record and monitor COVID-19 symptoms and other related health risks. Learn more about how Cognizant and Sensyne created this digital-first mobile app .

In addition to these industry-focused clouds, Microsoft announced Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability. Carbon reduction is one of the most urgent crises facing the planet and Microsoft is responding to the demand of their investors, customers and legislators for more commitment, accountability and measurements by helping its customers, across all industries, meet their carbon reduction and sustainability goals.

Available later this year, Cloud for Sustainability will enable your organization to record, report and reduce your carbon footprint. Built on the trusted Microsoft platforms of Azure, Microsoft Dataverse, Power Platform and Power BI, this offering will utilize the Microsoft ecosystem of partners for specialized industry third-party apps, data sources and emissions data connectors.

Following Microsoft’s lead, Cognizant recently signed Microsoft’s partner pledge, committing to delivering a more sustainable future and driving technologies in an ethical and inclusive way. Read more about the pledge here.

We cannot wait to put these new capabilities to work helping businesses like yours innovate and thrive. Are you ready to transform your business with Microsoft cloud technology? Contact Cognizant MBG today to get started.

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