Office Explorers Episode 25: SP Syntex with Oliver


We’re back! Well, Rob’s back. Kat has moved on to a new adventure and we couldn’t be happier for her.

This month on Office Explorers, we learn that Cognizant Microsoft Business Group (MBG) – formerly New Signature – is now Cognizant Microsoft Business Group, the SharePoint App Bar is coming, Microsoft Viva is the “Next Big Thing,” and friend of the podcast, Oliver Bartholdson, returns to discuss how SharePoint Syntex is AI that works for you.

Highlights in this episode include:

  • Meta News about the merger
  • SharePoint app bar announcement “ unifying SharePoint and Teams
  • How Viva enhances the employee experience
  • Syntex is a teachable AI which can then take initiative on what it learns
    • Ties together AI and machine learning capabilities from Microsoft (previously many services lived in Azure)
    • Features user-friendly interface
    • Something for everyone in your business (technical, administrative, etc.)
    • Utilizing document classification models and other AI tools

Microsoft makes it easy to take the power of AI and make it work for us. We’ll be back every month like before with a new episode, and keep listening, because the search is on for a successor to Kat.

Office Explorers Episode 025 - SP Syntex with Oliver

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